Something From Kimberly or Junior's Closet - Kimberly's Choice

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This is our ongoing garage sale. :)

Kimberly will choose something from her closet, sign it (when possible) and send it to you! It could be a shirt, some sunglasses, a hat, jewelry, a dress, bandana... who knows? Surprises are the best! If you'd like it to possibly fit you, mention your size and she'll do her best to pick something that you might be able to wear. 

Junior's basically got a bunch of black shirts that he wears for shows. Sooo, 99% of the time, that's what you're going to get. Signed, of course!

NEW! BOTH - SHOW MEMORABILIA: Own something that Kimberly's performed in - AND something that Junior's performed in! Might be a costume piece from the stage, a music video, a photo shoot, TV appearance... It'll be a surprise! Comes with a bit of bonus memorabilia as well, whatever we've got around. Maybe an old show schedule, a drum stick or a stage cable, some strings, etc. Extra super bonus, baby.

Leave a note in the order comments box if you'd like your items to be personalized. 

Shipped to you personally by Kimberly with extra TLC unless it's a special-ordered drop-ship item. Some things may ship separately. Please expect 3-8 weeks, depending on whether we're in the studio, on tour, etc. Thanks for your patience and support! 

Some governments may charge customs fees to receive imported merch. It's a tax imparted by your country, and we have no control over it at all. It's your responsibility to make sure your purchase is legal in your area and to pay any tariffs due.