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If you are just super awesome and want to give us some gas and food money, you can do it here. Thank yooou!!!!

How to donate:

1. Choose a dollar increment in the drop-down menu.

2. Click on ADD TO CART

3. Click on CHECK OUT

4. Adjust the quantity in check out.

( Example: $1 x 99 = $99 )

5. Give yourself a hug.

Go ahead and add your shipping info at checkout, even though it doesn't seem necessary. We'd love to send you a thank you note if we're in the studio!!!

We are so grateful for your support... We are completely fan-funded and consider you fans to be our modern day patrons of the arts.. also known as the BEST FANS EVER!!!


For every dollar that's donated, one puppy will be spared.


NOTE: If we're having a sale that applies to the whole shop, you might end up with a reduced donation amount at checkout. It's silly, and our webmaster (it's Kimberly lol) is working on it. For now though, just be aware that your intended donation might be "discounted" along with everything else, so do with that what you will. 

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