Holier CD - One-Eyed Doll 2018: Hole Remixed/Remastered/Repackaged Edition - PREORDER

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We've re-holed Hole! Now with a bunch of extra bonus tracks, some new live sounds and MORE JUNIOR! You're gonna freak, it sounds SO GOOD. 

The album cover is beautiful and features an original commissioned painting by Wiley Ross. It's huge, 33 x 43" on wrapped canvas. 

Our first batch of this CD is in production RIGHT NOW and will be here in 4-8 weeks. Get one of the very first CDs! Better yet, grab a Super Fan bundle with your copy. :P

Shipped to you personally by Kimberly with extra TLC. Please expect up to 10 weeks for your preorder to arrive. It'll be worth it. ;)

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