Fish Knife Kazoo - Played by Kimberly

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Bonus: Kimberly DNA! 

Kimberly will hum a little musical blessing into your Fish Knife before shipping it off to make sure that yours sounds 100% awesome and works great. Who knows, your kazoo might even inspire our next song! 

Choose KAZOO + RECORDING and we'll make a phone recording of what Kimberly played on your kazoo before shipping it off and send it to you. :)

Just like the ones Kimberly used on stage last Fall in the USA and Europe - and on the Fish Knife recording! Black and red plastic with our logo on it. Now you can solo just like Kimberly. Just hum into the Fish Knife!

This is an actual working instrument, the official kazoo of One-Eyed Doll - ready for the stage! Made in the USA with extra TLC by folks who REALLY LOVE KAZOOS. We mean like, they live for kazoos. So we figured, who better to make ours? We're kind of obsessed now too, tbh.

Shipped to you personally by Kimberly with extra TLC unless it's a special-ordered drop-ship item. Some things may ship separately. Please expect 3-8 weeks, depending on whether we're in the studio, on tour, etc. Thanks for your patience and support!

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