Holier CD - One-Eyed Doll 2018

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Remixed/Remastered/Repackaged 2018 Edition

We've re-holed Hole! Now with a bunch of extra bonus tracks, some new live sounds and MORE JUNIOR! 

The album cover is beautiful and features an original commissioned painting by our old pal Wiley Ross. 


Suicidal Serenade 03:29
Black Forest 03:28
Scapegoat 02:37
Master 04:13
Meth Monster 04:00
Nudie Bar 02:53
Hoochie Mama 03:19
Committed 03:02
Suicidal Again 04:02
Tara 05:37
I Love My Little Bus 02:01
Hole 06:04
Recipe 4 Success 04:24
Wheels On The Bus 05:03
Crush 03:21
Yellow Day 02:31
The Loveland 03:00
Committed Choral 06:14

Hole was originally released in 2007. The new version, "Holier" was release August, 2018 

All songs written by Kimberly Freeman
Kimberly Freeman: Vocals and Guitar
Jason Rufuss Sewell: Drums, Bass, Keys and Backing Vocals

Special Guests
Thomas Voigt: Male Bass Vocals and arrangement on Committed
Jonny Flash: Backing vocals on Yellow Day 

Songs 3, 8, 15, 16: Produced by Sylvia Massy in Weed, CA
Engineered by Jared Scott, Zak Stirling and Mariano Aponte
Mixed by Rich Veltrop
All Other Songs: Produced and Mixed by Jason Rufuss Sewell at Nebulost Ranch, Texas and The Boogie Dungeon, California

Cover Art by Wiley Ross
Inside Cover Photo by Patrick Kendall
Executive Producer: Jason Coombs
Mastered by Eric Broyhill at MonsterLab Audio in Sweden

Copyright © 2007-2017 Kimberly Freeman and Nebulost Records 

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